November 5, 2012

So a year ago I introduced this blog about a new adventure I was embarking on, and I invited you all to join me. And then I abandon you. I never wrote an update, never shared a story, never went on a date…..oh wait, maybe that is why I wrote nothing. How boring the past year has been. Well, not really. You may want to go back and read my inaugural blog to get caught up to what happened a year ago, to better understand my next blog or two.

One year ago this week, my spouse, ironically my best friend and I, agreed to separate. You see, I always believed that a person marries their best friend and they are together for life. But something odd happened on the way to eternity. We changed. Something wasn’t right. And we both knew it. One year later, she is still my best friend. We still laugh about things, including the lack of dates we each have, and we still share our frustrations at each other, and with each other. But a year later, I still know it was the right decision.

Some people tell me it is weird. But some people told me that the relationship my spouse and I had before was weird. I think in the end, I had found my intellectual, political and spiritual match. However, there was just something missing. Something big that I wish one of us could have figured out.

I am still cleaning my house it seems, still making the house mine. Anyone out there an interior decorator? So how is it that a year later, I am still not dating? Well, because I am cleaning my house! S…..l……o……w…….l….y! But I think I am almost there. In fact, I am sure of it. Perhaps you can give me some advice along the way 🙂