I thought I was improving, getting bolder, ready to date, and trying to get out there. I started clicking on all those online dating ads that appear on Facebook. It started with Plenty of Fish, followed by OKCupid, because my Twitter crowd said it was much better, and then finally Single Parent Meet. Yeah, I had never heard of that one either but all of these three sites seem to offer the most ‘free’ content so worth checking out first.

I was warned by people that ‘the freaks’ hang out on POF. So far, not so much freaks for me, but I have been greated by about a dozen women, all but one older than me, and most making sure I know their chest size up front….no, no, not from dimensions, but from their photos and usernames. Sadly, not one was of any interest to me. But in fairness, I have not searched for any women or reached out at all so my only experience is with those that have come to me.

OkCupid is a little different. It assigns you 3 matches at a time. I have no idea how it picks your matches, and have not really investigated the site much. I have had about 2 dozen visitors on this site, with about half of them located in places far away, looking for  mail order marriage it seems. The other half look 55 but claim to be 40.

Single Parent Meet is the only site that I do not seem to get spam messages from. It shows you who checks out your profile and also sends you 5 matches a day. My very first day, a beautiful woman checked out my profile, twice. But the only way for me to learn more, was to pay the fees and reach out to her. To my surprise, the fees were about the same for 6 months as some other websites were charging for ONE month! So, I thought, what do I have to lose? I immediately paid my fees and sent her a message saying hi. As I expected, I got an response that told me she had just started seeing someone, but thank you so much for the message. What is kind of cool about this site, is that once someone views you, you can tell every time they are online so that you can chat with them. However, this is also rather stalker-ish too. For me, it showed me that she was online several times a day, so one had to wonder if she really had started to see someone. However, I felt very stalkerish, so I told her that I was deleting her from my list and that I wished her the best. However, she continued to come back and view me, putting her back on my list, perhaps because I kept changing my profile, trying to figure out what to say.

The old me would have just moved on…..but I kicked in that twenty seconds of courage! I sent a message and told her it was my last try, and was extending an invitation for coffee again. But again, she shut me down, citing some imaginary guy that is making her so happy she is stalking the site several times a day.

Next blog, I will tell you about my sort of date, and deleting all my online profiles because some single moms told me I had it all wrong!