Sorry I have not posted in a while, but sometimes life really gets in the way. I would love to tell you that I have been busy dating…..but yeah, I would be lying. But I have started trying!

Last month I had to go to Saskatoon for a Convention. People always get excited about convention locations and for me, I am there to work. Make sure there is an affordable breakfast nearby, and make sure there is a good bar nearby, and the rest doesn’t matter. But I was not sure that Saskatoon was going to provide either.

I also have one Twitter follower from Saskatoon, that I find both funny and intelligent, so I had hoped the mention of coming to her fine city might draw her into the downtown to say hi. No, I still was not in the right mindset to actually ask her to come out, but instead just dropped hints it would be great to meet her. Suffice to say, we did not meet.

However, Saskatoon did offer an affordable breakfast, thanks  always to a nearby Tim Hortons. And I was amazed by the nearby bar, Hudsons Taphouse. Yeah, I know, many parts of Calgary already know it, but unfortunately, there is nothing like it, well honestly almost nothing at all, for the 80000 plus people in North Central Calgary.

Hudsons is where I met Amy, 24. Yes, here we go again, 24. It started off innocent enough as our group was large and spread out in the bar. However Amy was our server and quickly got involved in our conversation and we quickly got to know her personality. I will spare you the details, but the conversation evolved through the early evening. I have to say that Amy was one of the best waitresses I have ever seen when it came to working her crowd and knowing her customer quickly. We were a big group scattered over numerous tables and she knew how to serve us and knew how to recover when she got behind. But she always had a moment to chat while cleaning the table, or taking orders.

I do not know what got into me, other than several ounces of courage, but I asked Amy if she would go to dinner with me if I was ever back in Saskatoon. As a demonstration of her great personality, she said yes…..because a free dinner is a free dinner! I gave her one of my Single Dad business cards and will buy her that dinner if she ever gets to Calgary. (No, I do not plan on going back to Saskatoon anytime soon.)

In the meantime, I really hope for a Hudsons in my area where they are building a new retail complex. I have become a fan, but the closest one to me is a half hour away. And maybe they could hire Amy?

Already working on my next blog,  which is all about entering the online dating world. Ugh! Coming soon.