When I first rejoined the dating world, well, the single world, I didn’t know where to begin. Well, honestly, I still don’t. However, I decided that I would never discount anyone as a potential date, or a potential friend as I rebuild my network. I wasn’t going to judge someone by age, or race, or height, or what their job was, because they might lead me to the woman of my dreams. They could even end up being the woman of my dreams.

Several years ago, there was a cute, young hostess working at a neighbourhood restaurant…..way to young for me to be looking at twice. But I have always been attracted to brains and personality. Yeah, I am sure some of you are gagging right now, but that is the real me. This girl, or woman, was the main reason we were regulars at this eatery. She took ownership, in an otherwise mediocre restaurant, to make every customer feel important, respected, and taken care of. I can be as materialistic and arrogant as anyone, but this ”hostess’ was someone that demonstrated that anyone, ANYONE, can make a difference. ANYONE, can  be someone, regardless of what they do, how they dress, how they look, and so on. I still remember the day she told me that she had taken a job with an airline. It is not that a restaurant survives or dies because of one employee….this restaurant had more problems than that, but for me, it was the beginning of the end and the restaurant was for sale by the end of the year.

I have always been a believer in fate. Everything happens for a reason. But I think in writing this blog, I am driving destiny a little, but just don’t know what direction we are headed! So what are the odds, that a friend ends up getting a job with that SAME airline working with this young lady? What are the odds that she remembers me? Well, I guess I am kind of memorable, or maybe my son is, because she remembered us both. Wait! Maybe for bad reasons? Well……I explain to my friend, that I think highly of this young woman, who is now 22. I admit to her regularly that it would be good to see this woman, invite her along to events, and so on but it is quickly made clear to me that she is too young for me to date! I never said I wanted to date her! What on earth would we have in common? We are both exploring life, but in very different ways I am sure! In fairness, I didn’t just poke my friend about this one woman, I poked her about the number of women she works with, to whom I have never met. You start to question whether you really are a great guy, when your friends aren’t trying very hard to introduce you to women…….or maybe the women they know, aren’t worth meeting!

However, a few months ago, I was at my friends house hanging out, and the 22 year old showed up. I cannot speak for her, but I thought we had a great time while polishing off several bottles of wine. Like my last blog said, life is about building relationships. I really had a great time, but sometimes my mouth gets ahead of me, and when I saw her picking up her car the next morning, I blurted out “Hey you drunk!” Yeah, I know. But hold on……..so I reached out with my new found 20 seconds of courage, and sent a message to her on Facebook. Yeah, I know, again. I lost my 20 seconds by the next day and deleted it, but apparently even if you delete a message off your account, it doesn’t delete off the receivers account. Oh oh. But she responded….although she called me a creepy asshole! But  we are Facebook friends, although I think only because she doesn’t ever use Facebook! lol. I know, I know….22 and not living on Facebook?

I still have plenty of free nights, and still have plenty of wine. I hope she wants to hang out again one day, and maybe bring some friends because it seems our mutual friend is just too busy to hang out these days. But to be honest, to my surprise, she doesn’t have to bring friends……we seemed to have good conversation – but who wouldn’t with 4 bottles of wine! And the more friends, the more new connections. If she is reading this, she is welcome to come and hang out anytime. And so are you 😉  Don’t worry if you are only 20 something…..just look at my Twitter account….it is full of twenty somethings! Lets face it, this is my 5th blog, and not many people are reading it and it certainly hasn’t led to any dates! But it looks like hockey season is on….and I will be looking for some company on Wednesday nights!