Twas the night after Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings had been put away with care,
As the children had emptied them I was very aware

The children had opened all presents with glee,
Pretty happy I think with the presents from me.
The kids were now sleeping, exhausted from their day,
With dad off to bed soon, if i had my way.

Quite the Christmas it was, I really must say,
The day with my ex-wife and her family went okay.
The day started off with a bang and a bash
Because of course the kids fought and left the pantry door with a gash.

The sun wasn’t shining on the new-fallen snow
And the temperature was somewhere around 20 below.
We packed ourselves up and warmed up the truck

Headed to her house for turkey, just our luck.


Tomorrow we head to a friends house for some cheer

But with the new drinking laws, I won’t have a beer

A year or so single, but have not dated yet,
These new rules and this weather makes dates hard to get.

Many pretty women, I am sure will be there,

But without liquid courage, quite shy I’m aware.

My ex will support me, and give words of good will

But that might freak women out, or give them a chill.


The new year is coming, and dating it is time

Or perhaps I should take lessons on writing a rhyme

Unsure who is single, or where I should meet

The odds are not good, walking up and down my street.


Oh Danielle, or Tracey or whatever their name

I really dislike dating, I hate playing their game.

I can’t be an asshole, say the women that I know

But my confidence will get better, I am sure it will grow.


My wish made to Santa, for a babe under the tree

That likes a nice guy, a guy just like me.

He laughed and he giggled, my wish has yet to come true

But how this poem ends, falls back upon you.


If you know a nice girl, between 25 and 50,

please tell her about me, this guy is quite nifty.

The last words I share, as I change the yuletime log

Is give me a chance, respond to this blog!