As I mentioned in my first post, the most important initiative I am taking right now is establishing and building relationships. Part of that adventure is reaching out to people from my past. I have been reaching out and contacting old friends and acquaintances from years gone by. For the most part, I don’t remember why we lost touch. Maybe they didn’t like me anymore. Maybe they didn’t like my spouse. Maybe they didn’t like ‘us’. More likely, it is because I became one of those typical people that got busy with family life and never did anything anymore, and they gave up and moved on. I lost some good friends, most of them women. No, they really were just friends, and never would have been anything more. Yeah, by their choice. The friend zone…..but I will save that for another blog.

I suspect many of the friendships formed because I am a natural flirt. I don’t see it, but I am told so all the time. I am pretty sure that it will even come out in my blogs, because apparently, I just cannot help myself. The result is, that over the years, I have flirted with a variety of women, but of course never followed through because I was in a relationship, but I think it is why my friends have generally been women. I remember one attractive woman, we will call her Sam, that I met through a friend several years ago. Now I am certain that I did not flirt with her. Certain. However, I did mention to my friend that I thought Sam was attractive. I also bumped into Sam occasionally as she worked with my friend and I was a client where they worked. I know at least one reader is upset with me already…..However, Sam was a single mom, and I knew she was struggling, and I was always trying to make a difference in peoples lives. One year I anonymously provided entry tickets and ride tickets for her to take her daughter to the Calgary Stampede because I knew she otherwise could not go. So maybe I once again crossed that professional line, but I think I did a very humanitarian thing for a 6 year old girl. (And it helped her mom was a sweetheart.)

I don’t remember how it happened, but our mutual friend was one of the people I reconnected with a few months ago. One of the first things that came up in conversation, was how her girlfriend was doing. Sam is still single, and still remembers me. What surprised me, is that she remembered me from a BBQ a few years ago, and a nice conversation we were having until my spouse started staring her down. I had no idea. No really, I had no idea she would remember me, or that conversation years later, nor that she had received the stare down. So what choice did I have, but to once again reach out on Facebook. But I heard nothing. My friend told me that Sam never uses her account, and not to be discouraged. A few weeks, and a few more conversations later, I am told that Sam will come with me to a community fundraiser, along with my friend and her husband. Awesome. No pressure. Not really a date.

The night came, and so did the call I expected. Ten minutes before leaving, my friend calls to say that it is doubtful Sam is coming due to problems with her daughter. Shortly after we arrive at the event, it becomes clear, I am going to be single for the event. To my surprise, 5 weeks has passed since then, and I have not heard from Sam at all. My friend tells me not to be discouraged. But, she has my number, and my email……still waiting.  In fairness, she is a single mom, and I totally get how busy that can be. Dating doesn’t come first, or second, or even third in my life. Not right now. But I am not waiting either.