Thank you to all those reading about my journey. I think most of you ‘get it’ but I did receive one email from a reader that didn’t, so thought I would focus on her message in this post.

My 20 seconds of courage is in its infancy. I don’t know where it will take me, or even what it means just yet, other than taking risks that the ‘old’ me would never have considered. I do not just mean risks about dating……it might be leaving a miserable relationship, or skydiving (not a chance!) or changing jobs, or moving or buying a house or even starting your own company. My biggest risk is likely writing this blog, as I am pretty sure my co-workers were a little shocked when they learned I was single, and was writing about it. I didn’t tell them for lots of reasons, and they have all been much more decent about it than I expected. I was prepared for a very embarrassing and humbling moment of truth, as I will be each time I write a post. Only you know your own fears, but I am telling you, LIVE LIFE!

Before posting my last blog, I shared it with some of the women in my life to make sure I would not be offensive, including my ex. So when I was told that I came across as creepy by the only commenter I had, I was taken aback. We all know it can be easy for the written word to be misunderstood because it lacks tone and personality. But I was told it was creepy that I sent flowers to my travel agent after returning from a vacation she booked for me.  I was also told it was wrong to ‘hit on’ someone I have a professional relationship with. So, um, let me get this straight, people in life should stay dedicated to a relationship that generates a few dollars over potential personal happiness? Maybe it is the hopeless romantic in me, but I don’t think we should ever put barriers up over money. I also have to wonder how many people date that meet over a coffee shop counter, in a Dentists office, or through other professional connections.

But, maybe the commenter was right. Maybe I crossed a boundary so will never hear from the travel agent or any other woman I reach out to. I do not really expect to ever connect with a woman because I wrote a blog about them, but instead it might help me build the confidence that I am told women look for. My experience from this first attempt resulted in dozens of positive responses to the one negative comment, so I like to think that is better odds than a pick up line, online dating, or the bar. My ideal woman will think outside of the box, rather than in it. In the meantime, I would like to think I can entertain you with my stories, as embarrassing as they might be, and only hope my coworkers, mostly men, have better things to do than read my very personal dirty laundry, lol. Like I have said, this blog is about taking risks that I never would have considered taking before.  This blog is about encouraging others to take risks, not just me. What risk are you willing to take today?

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